Why You Should Ditch Software Recording and Switch to Workstations – A Tascam 2488 Neo Review!

This is how a semi-professional musician did his market research and decided that going with a workstation to record music is the ONLY way to go! The Tascam 2488 Neo that I bought blew all my doubts and apprehensions out of the water – if YOU are a musician who would rather make music than worry about your technical recording skills – then read on! This article is for you!

Why drop software based recording?

As a musician wanting to get to the next level and pushing the envelope – I started where we all do – culling free and amateur recording software and bad quality recording. Let me be clear here – I definitely do not think of myself as a technical person!

My tussle with big name software solutions only led me to frustration as I tried to solve latency and driver issues. (I don’t understand the concept of ASIO drivers, and thanks to workstations, I’ll never need to). I had arrived at a point where I was literally ripping my hair out, because as a musician, I prize perfection, and nothing else.

When it comes to recording my guitar parts, I can’t bear the thought that I have to manage recording quality alongside my music, which is a pretty huge task in and of itself. My box replicates the sound I hear from my guitar in all its glory.

As someone who places creativity over technical knowledge (and let’s admit it, we’re all sick of sound guys telling us to leave the sound to them!) I firmly believe that this work station was the best decision I took for my multi track recording solutions. I don’t want to be a drone of the “recording community” that chats in thousands of threads about Preamps, ADAT, and SPDIF ad nauseum. I want my music to get out there, and I want it to sound as professional as possible. Period.

An important note here: I will still export my tracks to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like the Sony Creative Acid, but for my recording needs, the buck stops here. But I was suitably impressed by the Mastering Tool feature in my workhorse. This does an excellent job of mastering my mixes with the push of a button without having to rely too much on my DAWs.

I especially like the sound and the sound quality. The DRY TRACKS are, in a word, amazing! Very clean – which of course is a pre-requisite for a multitrack recording workstation. At 24 bits, this is musician heaven. The built-in guitar amp modulation is something that benefited me personally.

The only things I found on my “cons” list would be that

– The sampling rate of my box is limited to 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling.

– Mine took a lot getting used to – as most good things in life do. The manual is HUGE.

– I did go ahead and buy some equalizers, subs, speakers, mixers, pre amps, etc. after purchasing this. I would recommend this if you’re looking for even more control over your sound.