Multitrack Recording Software: How Not to Record Already-Recorded Tracks

Multitrack recording software allows you to add tracks to previously recorded tracks. This is mainly used in music recording where, say, you are a singer and want to record yourself singing harmony with yourself. You’d sing the melody first (usually) on one track. Then you’d open a second track and sing a harmony along with the melody, which requires you to be able to hear the playback from track one while you record the harmony. This also applies to adding other instruments previously recorded, like adding a lead guitar part to a song, etc.

One thing you need to be sure of when doing multitrack recording is that your speakers need to be turned down or off when you record along with previously recorded tracks (unless you have someone else at the controls and the recording is happening in another room where the speakers can’t be heard). This may sound obvious but it is very easy to forget. If those speakers are audible when you’re recording a harmony or lead guitar track, the audio from those tracks will get recorded right along with the new track.

For example, if you recorded an acoustic guitar part on track 1, then wanted to add a vocal on track 2, your goal is to have each track contain ONLY those two things so that when you’re done, if you listen ONLY to track 2 (muting track 1) you would ONLY hear the vocal, not the guitar. This allows you to mix tracks, adjusting volumes relative to other tracks. However, if the speakers (playing the guitar part) were audible when you were singing that vocal part, track 2 would now have BOTH the vocal AND the guitar (picked up from the speaker) on it when played back by itself. That means that when both tracks are turned up, the guitar would be coming through twice, once from its original track (1), and once from track 2 where it was recorded along with your voice. You don’t want this!

So make absolutely certain your speakers are muted, turned off, unplugged or otherwise made inaudible when adding tracks to your song. Monitor previously recorded tracks with headphones when recording new tracks.

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You Can Make Beats For Free

Did you know that you can make beats for free and even sell them for profit! If you enjoy rap, hip-hop or even more conventional music, you can make beats for free with new modern technology in a fraction of the time that it used to take to record entire drum tracks. With digital technology and the right software, you can create beats for free quickly and easily, and if they’re good enough you can even sell them to artists and singers!

It Takes Time To Make Beats For Free

When you want to create beats for free, you no longer need a drum kit! With digital technology you can use drumbeats and unusual or interesting sounds that have been recorded previously without having to play them yourself. This means that you don’t have to equalize or compress the beats, or hire a real, talented and expensive drummer. The secret to being able to produce beats for free is not your ability to play them, but your ability to assemble them!

Nevertheless, it takes time to make beats for free, because you have to source the sounds or beats, then assemble and mix them to get exactly what you want. However, when you create beats with modern technology you don’t have to play drums, hire musicians or even producers to get the sound you want. You simply source the sounds, then assemble them exactly the way you want them, so rather than being a musician you are really taking on the role of music producer, without the hefty price tag!

It Takes Experience To Make Beats For Free

With modern technology, you are no longer limited by your ability to play the music, or by the need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive recording equipment. Now, you can produce beats for free by assembling digital sounds and tweaking them to give them that special beats sound that you are after. All you need is a strong desire to make beats for free, imagination and experience so that you can produce that type of beats that both artists and listeners want to hear.

It Takes the Right Software To Make Beats For Free

The really cool thing is that you can make beats for free for many years to come if you obtain the right software now. Sure, the software costs a small amount, but it’s pennies compared to what a traditional recording studio will cost, and multitrack recording software is easier to use and sounds better than ever before!

What people do not realize is that when you want to create beats, it all boils down to the type of software you are using. You can get some web based software, or some of the more traditional digital multitrack recording software, and you can get by, but it will take you longer to produce beats and your beats will sound less professional, especially if they are not produced in the highest quality digital audio (which most web-based software does not offer).

If you are serious about your desire to create beats, save yourself a lot of time, frustration and heartache by checking out the best software on the market. It may cost a little more, but you will more than make this up 1000 times over by being able to quickly, easily and effectively make beats for free for many years to come that are professional quality and something you can be proud of!