Music Recording Software Made Easy

Music recording software has evolved so rapidly that anybody can record music that is on par with major recording studios. Regardless of how powerful the music recording software has become, you still need the experience and knowledge to get the most value from it. It’s important to determine your musical goals, find software that can help you achieve them and hopefully not break the bank doing so!

Music recording software packages

ProTools (PC or Mac). You can’t go wrong with this software; this is become a measuring stick for all other software packages. Great for multi track recording, mixing and mastering your music.

Logic Audio (Mac) The single most complete music software available on the market today.

Cakewalk Sonar (PC) I use the software when I first got into the music business and found it relatively easy to use compared to ProTools, and would recommend that any beginner start with Cakewalk.

Digital Performer (Mac) Clean interface and professional sound. Certainly a strong performer.

Cubase (PC/Mac). Along with ProTools, Cubase makes multitracking incredible simple to handle, though it’s not as intuitive as some of these other packages..

Music Recording Software for Loops: Make Music In Minutes

For any aspiring beatmakers and hip-hop producers you can obtain cheap music recording software that will help you produce music quickly and professionally. The learning curve for the software is not as steep as those for the overall packages.

Acid Pro (PC) Created by Sony, this is the premiere leader in the industry.

Fruity Loops (PC and Mac) this is my personal choice for beat making software.

Music Recording Software For Free: Great for beginners.

Music production can be an expensive hobby, and it only gets worse with time. Unfortunately, many beginners purchase high a recording software for hundreds if not thousands of dollars only to become frustrated with the steep learning curve that comes with all the bells and whistles. I recommend anyone who is interested making music should start out with free software before moving onto an expensive package like the ones listed above.

I recommend to recording software to start with: Audacity and Kristal Audio Engine. Both of these software allow you to record, edit and makes your music using a very simple recording interface.

The two software packages are Kristal Audio Engine and Audacity. Both offer multitrack recording, editing and mixing capabilities. There are loads more free software packages, but these two offer the novice all the functionalities they need to get started without the confusing added features like those on ProTools. Whether it’s country, rock, blues or hip hop, these software packages provide a low barrier of entry into what may become a lifelong passion of making music.